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Deleting Supported software?

... or altering Description

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mihawk90 Woensdag 2 December 2015 om 16:56

Is it possible to remove supported software? Pretty sure not for a regular user, but is there anywhere to report? Or possible to take over maintaining a script.

Not to be mean or talk down on anyone, I'm just wondering.

HeidiSQL seems to be just a placeholder, which is a little annoying for me right now since I was about to post a script for it last week, but didn't get the time.

It obviously doesn't seem to be active, or well thought out. There is no proper description and no code, no post in the "Your Creations" forum.

Now posting my code wouldn't be an issue for me but I would like to put a proper description and screenshots in, which I don't see possible anywhere, or is there a way?

Also the name is technically HeidiSQL, not HeidiSql.

Anyway, I'd like to improve the "presentation" of that HeidiSql or create my own :P

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petch Donderdag 3 December 2015 om 9:55

Hi, lots of "secondary" features are currently lacking in the repository (development being focused on POL v5 right now), being logged in as moderator all the time I'm not exactly sure what are the rights allowed (to standard users, script author,...) but it seems tweaking would be necessary to make things easier for script authors...

As it stands, there's two options:

- either I delete current entry, and you start a new one from scratch; I'm not sure the old entry is really deleted or just somehow deactivated, but since you want to change the name case anyway it may just work? I'm not sure;

- or you "contribute" a replacement description, attach the install script, provide URL to graphic resources, etc. to the current entry, and I'll take care of updating it entirely; I foresee no difficulty with this option.

So I think you can just click on "Contribute" button in above page, and I (or another moderator?) will update the page...


mihawk90 Zaterdag 5 December 2015 om 23:37

Posted it there :)

petch Zondag 6 December 2015 om 2:39

mihawk90 Zondag 6 December 2015 om 16:46

Thanks :)

Weirdly, when I try installing from inside POL it gives me a download error, when I run it as a local script it works perfectly fine :/

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