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Warframe running issues

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helix42 Vrijdag 4 December 2015 om 14:37

Hi there,

I would like to install Warframe on my PC through PlayOnLinux. I get however the error message saying:

"You do not have enough memory to run Warframe. You need at least 2 GB of RAM."

(Which is entirely incorrect since I have 4 GB of RAM.)

I have tried this using 32 and 64 bit variants of PoL as well. By this, I mean:

Previously the issue I had was that the Launcher opened and functioned well (I could read patchnotes and other texts, the menus were working.) but did not start downloading the game files and updates.

Here is a Gist of the error message I got while running the application. I got several more other error message windows popping up.


I've found this link on the playonlinux website which is supposed to have a link that installs the required packages to run the game:


However, when I try to click on the "Try this update" buttons, Firefox give me this error message (regardless of which button I try):

Looking at the code of one of these "updates" I tried to install these packages in the PoL configuration menu:


 However, these did not help. sad

Using the "Debug" function I managed to get this log file, here is a Gist of it:


(I'm using Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit and the current version of the automatically installed Firefox.)

What else can be done to run this game on Linux?


Thank you in advance!

helix42 Vrijdag 4 December 2015 om 15:26

Here is an update. After restarting the system and trying to run the game again the following happens:

The Launcher keeps opening and closing itself rapidly.

I've updated the Gist of the log: