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my greatest thanks too the makers!

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phamdinhnam02 Zaterdag 12 December 2015 om 21:51

i'd like too make a topic in how great playonlinux really is, 
i was having trouble with crossover games etc, 
but i've learned so much more even about linux itself trough the program, 
you guys are awesome 

booman Maandag 14 December 2015 om 22:58

Yes, Great topic!

PlayOnLinux developers have done an amazing job making Wine easy to use!
I love PlayOnLinux so much that I run it on multiple computers, test all of my PC games in it and even post step-by-step Guides on how to install all of my games.

PlayOnLinux is a GAME CHANGER for me and Linux gaming.
Without it I would be stuck using the command line to test all of my games in Wine.
Now I can play all of my native and non-native games in Linux thanks to PlayOnLinux!

Thank you Tinou!

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