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how to update a software ?

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hetmasteen Zondag 20 December 2015 om 1:59


Thanks a lot for all informations available on this forum, and thanks for this technology...really great !

I would like to know how you manage an update of some software installed thanks to PlayOnMac ?

it seems to create a second directory, but not an update...or nothing happen.

Any advice ? thanks a lot


To add more informations:

my software is well installed.I can play it thx to playonmac.

I've received an update to install, after selecting "update software" in playonmac, and select the right update, the software setup is launched, but don't detect the first version...and can't do any update....

any advice or idea ?


thanks a lot


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PaxPlaysOnMac Maandag 18 Januari 2016 om 3:19

Hi there,

I think you should specify the software, the version, the config, etc. Be as precise as can be, I'm sure this will help others help you :)


hetmasteen Donderdag 28 Januari 2016 om 22:16

hello and sorry for the lack of information

my mac Imac 27 osx 10.8.5

Am using heroes of normandie 1.11 wich works perfectly

I want to upgrade it with 1.21 version, I can launch the update.exe but it doesn't see the heroes of normandie 1.11 version allready installed, so the upgrade can't be launched.

(the setup has detected that you do not have heroes of normandie. please install befor installing the update)

then Error in POL_Wine


thanks a lot for any help.


petch Donderdag 28 Januari 2016 om 23:23

Install button > Install non-listed application > Modify or update an existing application

hetmasteen Vrijdag 29 Januari 2016 om 13:43



but, yes it's what I have done...with no success.

petch Vrijdag 29 Januari 2016 om 15:20

If you selected the virtual drive the existing version is installed in, then I can't help you more, the update doesn't work under Wine.