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Brand New User, Brand New Mac - SWTOR Bugs

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Quindorrian Vrijdag 22 Januari 2016 om 15:48

First off, I want to state how great of a job you guys are doing and how great this software is!  Kudos!

I am an avid SWTOR player and wanted to see if I can get SWTOR running on my new iMAC.  Seems that it is getting close to perfect, but I encountered several bugs which hindered my ability to play the game on my MAC.  

The 1st bug I noticed is that the game downloads very slowly, and times out many times over the course of the download.  It took about 10 times longer to download and install than on Windows and it would not allow me to play while the game continued downloading like it does on Windows.

The next bug I encountered was regarding the graphics which were very dark.  I tried tweaking the client.ini file like can be done in Windows, but it did not correct the issue (It's the GammaRamp key).  Additionally, I tried copying my UI backup into the proper directory, and it would not recognize any of my UI's.  Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

The next bug I encountered was regarding changing resolutions.  If you change the graphics settings at the main character select screen, it has no problems, but if you change the graphics settings within the game, it crashes.

Lastly, the bug I encountered was the one that everyone has reported regarding the quest icons on the map.  I get the same crash when I hover over the mission diamonds on my map.  Pretty bad bug.

So, there you have it.  Any chance there are fixes for these bugs in the works?  Or, are there work-arounds?  Please do keep in mind, I am a complete amateur on MAC and some of the jargon on these forums tends to really confuse me.  But, I'll do my best.  Thank you!