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Elder Scrolls Online no longer playable after 3/07/16

DirectX11 and OpenGL are the issue

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larwana Dinsdag 8 Maart 2016 om 18:11

As of 3/07/2016, Elder Scrolls Online requires DirectX 11 for Windows. OpenGL 4+ appears to be only useable on a Mac. Windows versions unable to implement DirectX 11 (Windows XP) are now unable to load ESO. Since Wine (as of 1.9.5) has yet to fully implement DirectX 11, the game will not load. If it does load (which I managed to do twice) the graphics are not implimented. I just got a black screen. Music and such would play. I was actually running the game, just couldn't see anything besides the menus.

I tried forcing the OpenGL setting in UserSettings.txt, but I still get a unsupported platform error.

So, it seems we have to wait on Wine to get DirectX 11 more functional, unless there is a way to make ESO think we are on a Mac.

nob1234 Vrijdag 1 Juli 2016 om 14:30

Any solutions meanwhile???