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Use System Wine on 64bit prefix

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eridani Zaterdag 2 April 2016 om 22:07

On my Ubuntu 15.10 I've installed wine-staging 64bit and 32bit from the oficial WineHQ PPA which I always keep up to date to test certain programs with the latest patches.

And I would like to use the System provided Wine on some POL prefixes, On 32bit prefixes I can pick "System" from the Wine version drop down menu. But in the 64bit prefixes the option doesn't show. ¿What can I do?

Aangepast door eridani

eridani Donderdag 2 Juni\ 2016 om 17:38


I've found so far that changing "WINE_SYSTEM_ARCH=x86" to "WINE_SYSTEM_ARCH=amd64" inside "playonlinux.cfg" adds the "System" entry to the Wine versions dropdown in the 64 bit prefixes, however the entry disapears from the 32 bit prefixes.

Is there a way to add the entry to both prefixes menus?