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Access to Remote Web Workplace

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susja Donderdag 2 Juni\ 2016 om 21:36

I'm trying to access Remote Web Workplace running on Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2.
I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.
I installed IE 8 (this is the highest version PlayOnLinux provides)
I open URL https://portal.mycompany.net/Remote , then I'm trying to connect to my PC in the office. When I select it ... IE hangs i.e. freezes. I don't have any error messages .. That's it. BTW based on my company direction I had to add this site to Trusted and use Compatibility view.

Well it looks to me that I'm kind of close to get to my PC but 'something' in IE preventing me from it. I know that this website uses ActiveX.
Question: What could prevent me from getting into PC? Maybe PlayOnLinux does not support ActiveX? or I should set some additional settings? I don't have any error message when it failed to access PC ... it just freezes
Thanks for suggestions ..