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Windows-only games on Origin?

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fourloafcleaver Zaterdag 27 Augustus 2016 om 1:10

I have a Macbook Air and I have looked on YouTube, this website, and basically everywhere else, but I can't find out the answer to my question. There are two parts to my question.

1) Is there a way to get Origin on Mac through this PlayOnMac system?

2) Am I able to play Windows-only games, that I have on Origin, with or without Origin?

I have gotten the Origin for PC download, then put it into a "Install a program" section on Playonmac. I then did what it wanted, but I ran into a problem when it says that I need to update my OS (meaning that I need a new version of either Origin or Windows, not sure which). I updated my El Captain and I got the same response. 

Is there a way to work around this? If so, please help me because I would really really like to play NFS on my computer without partitioning my disk via Bootcamp.

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