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I can't use any commands like cp in terminal to make symlink

Command line problem

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nariod14 Zondag 9 October 2016 om 21:04


I was on the playonlinux forum looking for a way to create a symlink to my external hard drive, as I don't have enough space on the partition I made for Linux (I'm usig Zorin OS btw).i found this(http://wiki.playonlinux.com/index.php/How_to_move_PlayOnLinux_virtual_drives_to_another_disk) post and tried to use it but the first command on the site, the one using cp I get this(http://i.stack.imgur.com/DseEe.png). This follows the first command on the site, the ~/.playonlinux directory doesn't exist so I used the actual file and dragged it into the terminal to get the directory. Unfortunately I get the same thing so I just copied the file into my hard disk and attempted to use the rm -rf command and needless to say I get the same thing with the ln command too. And that really messes things up. I want to play my games on this thing and I can't even use the terminal to copy dangit. id really like to know how to fix this and create the link, i need the space...

nariod14 Maandag 10 October 2016 om 1:39

Just had to use quotes on the directories. another problem found though...

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