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unusable product key

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waynem91 Donderdag 1 December 2016 om 19:45

hi i am trying to install Fable The Lost Chapters using playonlinux. everything goes fine until i get to the end where i am promted to enter the product key for the game. there are 5 text boxes and there are supposed to be 5 characters entered into each. however, the first text box wont accept all the characters. i can only enter 4. there is no problem with the rest of it. i can type in every bit of the rest of my product key, but no matter what, it will not allow me to enter all 5 characters into the first box. i made sure to install all the proper .dll's the game needs, but i doubt that would have this kind of effect. is there anything i can do? or is this a lost cause?

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