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Steam just hangs


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fredreed2000 Maandag 20 Augustus 2018 om 3:52

I installed the steam app throiugh play on linux. But once I get into the app everything is just black and It just hangs. Also I can't install any game at all.

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booman Dinsdag 21 Augustus 2018 om 1:57

What version of Wine are you using?

Are you using the newest PlayOnLinux?

Also, make sure to use the argument:  -no-dwrite

You find it in Configure and the General tab.  This will make all the fonts appear.

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Jenshae Zondag 16 September 2018 om 19:49

I am having to paste my password into Steam when I use a Wine window. After that, I can pick a game and the game detects my keyboard. Just Steam that won't detect my keyboard.

Sure you aren't having this problem?

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