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Playonmac wizard doesn't work

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Jaime Donderdag 14 Februari 2019 om 22:51

Hello ! 

I am trying to install a non-listed program, but the Wizard doesnt work. It doesnt show the options to install the program.

Thanks for your help ! 



gdougam Vrijdag 3 April 2020 om 17:29

Hello! I am having the same problem, when it goes to the "PlayOnMac Wizard" installation it is blank.

My version of POM is 4.3.4
MacOX Mojave

Link to image https://ibb.co/kQhZtYv

I had to apply a change in the preogram to let me run it ...
I found the change in this same forum ..
"Try to open the following file with a text editor:


Line 25:


CurrentLocale = "$ (defaults read -g AppleLocale)"


CurrentLocale = "$ (defaults read com.apple.dock loc)" "

I hope you can help me! thanks!