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playonmac + mojave + steam

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acidkiss Donderdag 31 October 2019 om 17:18

Can't launch Steam library anymore since last Steam update. I'm still running *Mojave*.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.






Dadu042 Zaterdag 2 November 2019 om 11:46

Questions goes to the page of the script => https://www.playonlinux.com/en/app-4-Steam.html

SighOnlineAccount#3456 Zondag 10 November 2019 om 20:09

I will follow the link above but when I searched for my error - "safari cant find server", this is about the closest thing to it.


So I updated my Mac.  I always hate it because something always fails after.  But that pesky popup comes up every day - new update.  Yeah yeah, how about a remind never again option?

But even after I updated Steam opened and I was playing Railroad Tycoon 2.  Sweet.  Then took a break.  Later in the day I wanted to try RR2 again on steam.

But now I get no library image to pick from.  I launch steam off the Mac for Mac games, as far as I know it doesnt go through safari for any reason.  But using PlayOnMac - it CONSTANTLY tries to use Safari.

Error Safari Cant Find Server.  Error Safari Cant FInd Server.

So, I dont know... I went into the settings of Safari and PlayOnMac seeing if I can alter this or get to stop trying to access Safari and I cant.

Had a great time playing Windows Railroad Tycoon 2 yesterday but.  I dont know what happened.  Suddenly cant get into Steam with Play on Mac.

Mac Mojave and as far as I know, Play on Mac and Steam have the latest updates.    


SighOnlineAccount#3456 Maandag 11 November 2019 om 2:48

Okay, a few things I tried but didnt work with noticing another message.

So Youtube has this Video about not connecting to Safari.  Shows you how to tweak your WiFi or modem.  But that didnt work.


BUT: And this probably always was, when trying to open POM and Steam.  Its says at the bottom of the Box, cant connect to playonmac website.  So it needs to connect to a server here?  Or I need to be logged in in order to hook up here?  Or why isnt it seeing a server here?  Because that is my guess now.