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all wine apps now only show title bar

problems since 10.14.6 supplemental update

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nvadekar Dinsdag 26 November 2019 om 6:57

using playonmac 4.3.4, ever since the latest mojave 10.14.6 supplemental update... (suspected reason), all my wine apps now only show their title bar, but not of the rest of the app window (just the red, yellow, green circles and few characters only of the real title).  there seems to be no way to expand the window to see the rest of the app.  as a test app, i have been using notepad++.   It has this problem.  some other busness apps, same problem.  Packet tracer 6.2 shows a tiny bit of the app window, but not enough to be usable, and it cannot be expanded out.   for all apps, if I go to full screen, i get a black screen with a small one pixle high, few centermeter wide grey bar, but non of the app window visible.  I tried on wine 4.19 and 4.20.   before the latest supplemental update, 4.19 was working just fine for all apps.   If anyone has any fix suggestion, please assist.

thank you in advance!!!  Neal

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nvadekar Woensdag 27 November 2019 om 0:59

it is solved now.  it appears an app called MOOM was interfering with wine.   when i played around with the MOOM settings, the problem is gone.  I hope this helps someone else.  Neal

nvadekar Zondag 29 December 2019 om 1:38

actually it turned out not to be MOOM that was causing the problem, it was duet.  I use that program to extend my screen to an iPAD and anytime duet is running, all wine apps display do now work, you get only a shortened title bar and none of the rest of the app is visible.   Luna display works fine, Duet and wine do not.  I have emailed duet support about this.