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Error installing gdiplus on playonmac

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boito Woensdag 4 December 2019 om 17:27

Hi. I'm totally new to Wine and playonmac, so forgive my ignorance if this has been covered previously...

I'm trying to install a non-listed program, Estlcam (http://www.estlcam.de/). According to other successful installs on playonlinux, I need to include the following:

# POL_Install_gdiplus

When I run through the install process, I'm getting the following error:


Error ! Files mismatch

Local : b08bc741eb96da793eb2ad615d771ad8
Server : 946d00d87e4094f3a6e425e2d538eadd

Do you want to retry?

Any ideas what I'm missing here?


Dadu042 Donderdag 5 December 2019 om 9:53

Microsoft removed this file from its website years ago, now it seems that Archive.org did it too... sad


This POL function (POL_Install_gdiplus) is now break.


Note: Troubleshooting Common Problems.

Aangepast door Dadu042

Dadu042 Woensdag 8 Januari 2020 om 10:56

File is back again on Archive.org