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Steam library not showing

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conserje14 Woensdag 25 December 2019 om 23:50

Hello. I've been trying to run Steam via POM, and it does work, but when it opens, the window appears completely black. I cannot see the store, nor my profile or library, so I cannot install (let alone run) my games. The upper part of the window does show as normal, with the drop-down menus, but nothing happens when I click any option. I can't even see my list of friends or anything. I would attach a screenshot if I could, but it's just the Steam window without content, black and empty.

For this problem, I've seen some people that suggest adding the arguments -no-cef-sandbox or -no-dwrite on Steam's settings on POM, but that didn't help. Other people suggested running Steam under the Windows XP version, and that seemed to solve it for them, but Steam is no longer compatible with Windows XP, so I cannot even open it if I choose Windows XP. POM used Windows 7 by default, and changing it to other versions (Windows 8, or 10) didn't solve the problem either: Steam appeared black and empty again.

What might be causing this? And what can I do to solve it? It's probably worth-saying that the game I want to install is Age of Empires II HD Edition. Previously, I was playing it on my Mac using another wrapper, but suddenly Steam stopped working, and it began to appear black and empty, like now. I switched to POM hoping that it would be different, but strangely, I have the exact same problem. And I can run Steam out of POM, and play other games, compatible with Mac, without an issue.

I use a MacOS High Sierra, my version is 10.13.6. My graphic card is Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB. And my PlayOnMac version is 4.3.4.

Thanks in advance!

Nordlander79 Dinsdag 7 Januari 2020 om 18:19

I have that problem to. does anyone know any sloution?

tones Donderdag 9 Januari 2020 om 21:17

Same issue. Any word on a fix?

conserje14 Donderdag 9 Januari 2020 om 21:56

I have the solution! And it's very simple. It's all about the new Steam library. After the last update, they made some aesthetic changes, and it's no longer compatible with Wine.

How to fix it? Simple: by changing the way you see the library. Just open Steam via POM, click the "View" menu on top, and choose the option "Reduced mode". By simply doing just that, you'll be able to see your library and install and open your games! smiley

Nordlander79 Zaterdag 11 Januari 2020 om 9:07

Works perfect! Thanks conserje14!!!