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World of Tanks Crash

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sergiotas Donderdag 23 Januari 2020 om 18:07

Hi , im new on linux since one month. I try to install WOT, and i have installed WOT on Ubuntu 19.10. For me is a odissey becouse never before i use LINUX.

I have a issue... First, when i execute WOT, a message tell me that has an error on the program,  "Wargaming.net Game Center has stopped working".... Only can Restart or Close... I decide continue, and i at i have the last version installed with high definition textures.. Then, when arrive at garage of game, the screen froze, and only hear the audio. The screen is blocked, ant the Ubuntu says NO RESPONSE. I don't understand.

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Dadu042 Donderdag 23 Januari 2020 om 19:24

Too hard to fix a issue like that. You will have to choose a other game, or to use a older Ubuntu (ie: 18.04, it may help).

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