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Phoenicis successor of POL : clarification ?

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JewelThief Zondag 26 April 2020 om 15:51

"Phoenicis Winebuild is a python library and a command line tool that compiles winehq automatically. It is the designated successor of PlayOnLinux Winebuild service."
ref: https://github.com/PhoenicisOrg/phoenicis-winebuild

What means 'successor of PlayOnLinux'?  Has it replaced the POL wine front end for wine?

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Dadu042 Maandag 27 April 2020 om 13:17

From what I understood by myself:

  • Development on POL v4 is paused or stopped (by lack of coders) since 2018.
  • Development on POL v5 (code name 'Phoenicis') is launched since 2015 (leaded by a new developper), but has not yet a stable release (latest is 5.0-alpha.2, january 2019). The project started by remaking a Winebuild service (named Phoenicis).

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