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PlayOnMac v4.4.0 self terminates on startup

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Zeontes Vrijdag 14 Augustus 2020 om 20:17

Running macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Message shows POM logo and reads:

"PlayOnMac has encountered a fatal error, and will now terminate.

An uncaught exception was raised during execution of the main script.

This may mean that an unexpected error has occured, or that you do not have all of the dependencies for this application.

See the Console for a detailed traceback.

(Open Console) (Terminate)"

Upon inspection of Console there are 2 more messages;

1) SIMBLAgent: Injecting into PlayOnMac failed trying applescript...

2)kernel (AppleMuxControl): [playonmac.real pid:56750 mux-aware] starting, non-mux-aware app count 2, switch-state 0 IG FBs 0 EG FBs 1:3 power-state 0 3D idle HDA idle

Thank you for your help.

slittle42 Dinsdag 18 Augustus 2020 om 21:53

Hello, don't know if this helps... I am on High Sierra and have just loaded PlayOnMac v4.2.4 and it works, download from (http://repository.playonmac.com/PlayOnMac/), I clicked on https://www.playonmac.com/en/download.html and noticed it said the latest version 4.4.1 has only been tested on Catalina. 

I'm no expert as first time install for me, give it a go with a slightly earlier version.

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Zeontes Vrijdag 21 Augustus 2020 om 5:37

That got the program running, thank you!

Dadu042 Vrijdag 21 Augustus 2020 om 8:53

I suggest to prefer the v4.3.4.

BarryN Dinsdag 1 September 2020 om 18:25

Rather than stating that version 4.4 has only been tested on 10.15, I would say that it only runs on 10.15, since examining some of the binaries it appears they were compiled with a target OS of 10.15. The download page should be changed to say 10.15 is the required version of the OS to run PlayOnMac 4.4, and a link to version 4.3.4 should be provided for older OS versions, or PlayOnMac should be compiled with a slightly older taget OS, epecially as some of US do not want to upgrade (downgrade?) to 10.15 since it removes all support for running 32 bit code directly. 

For now, older versions are available from


The link for downloading PlayOnMac version 4.3.4 is: https://repository.playonlinux.com/PlayOnMac_4.3.4.dmg


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FullSlydx Woensdag 11 November 2020 om 2:18

I will try to do that too, I have the same problem on my High Sierra 10.13.6, I will perform this Downgrade to 4.3.4, I inform you how it worked.