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Adobe Fuse & Steam Error (Operating System not Supported)

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magdalene Donderdag 10 Juni\ 2021 om 15:17

Hey everyone,

I installed playonlinux just to play with the Adobe Fuse suite. 

It is a great program that makes wonders in combination with Blender.

Out of luck, despite the fact that the compatibility with playonliux is excellent I get the mesage "Steam is no longer supporting your operating system"

I tried to configure the app by going on its settings and changing several windows versions.

Is these a known issue or perhaps, do you have any suggestions of how can I solve it?

Thank you all!


magdalene Donderdag 10 Juni\ 2021 om 20:24


Configure for steam.exe and the following .exe to use a newer windows version

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iosman002 Vrijdag 16 Juli 2021 om 15:05

thanks for the awesome information.