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Can not read anything in Program window

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maikl Zaterdag 10 December 2022 om 15:05


i tried to install the App Adnova+. Setup was ok.

After the start of the Programm i could not read anything in the Program Window.

Each letter was replaced trough a square.

Can you please help me?

If i figured it out how to post a screenshot i will do this :)


Thank you!


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hisen22 Vrijdag 28 April 2023 om 0:54

Hey, I have the same problem

Windows 10 Home/ 16299.19 / 1709

GTX 1070 (388.13) / Intel i5 4670k

I use Spotify desktop version, becomes unresponsive after launching fullscreen game such as Overwatch or Nioh. Steam also suffers from this problem https://omegle.onl/ .

Dual monitor set up, 2x 1920x108

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