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PDFX-Change Editor - set to PDF default?

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kella3 Dinsdag 27 Juni\ 2023 om 15:17

Hi, I installed PDFX-Change Editor with POL on my Unbutu 20.04 derivative distro. It works great! One thing, though--I can't set it as the default PDF viewer... If I go Edit > Preferences > File Associations and set "As default application for PDF files" to "Make default", it flips back to "Do not change" when I click "Apply". And if I right click > Open with, PDFX-Change Editor doesn't appear as one of the options--not even in "Other Applications" (it doesn't show up anywhere in /usr/share/applications).

maigretnz Vrijdag 30 Juni\ 2023 om 13:45

Playonlinux interferes with the default PDF viewer. Has done for years which is why I uninstalled it.

I had hoped te problem was resolved but clearly not and I need reliable access to PDFs more than playonlinux.

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