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Got some questions before moving to linux...

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kesarswet Donderdag 6 Juli 2023 om 15:58

  1. Do non-steam/raargh games perform worse (more stutters due to no shader pre-caching) compared to steam games on linux? If so is it better to stick with windows? (elden ring, sekiro, ffviiremake, GoW, uncharted, doom eternal, cod mw, dsr, nier automata, rdr2, etc...) https://19216801.onl/

  2. for non steam games, is it better to use lutris or manually create a wine prefix with dxvk or vkd3d? if lutris, whats the best wine package to use?

  3. planning to go with nobara KDE. is it a good distro?

  4. Wayland or Xorg? (specs - i5 11400f, 16gb ram, 6600xt)

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