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nickbakker Dinsdag 24 October 2023 om 14:33

I am trying to run a software for astrology. 
When I select the shortcut and click 'run' it gives an error and tells me to click 'debug'. 
Then it gives error again teeling me the software I want to run crashed and that I should go to the playonmac website for more info. 

What should I do?

Alessandrito123 Vrijdag 27 October 2023 om 4:00

Well, the only solution that I accept is downgrading the version of PlayOnMac (or not), the error happened to me too. crying

I was opening KEGAFusion and Wine unfortunately crashes. Only happened when I updated PlayOnMac, the report

should be occasioned by problems when the staff were coding Wine (probably).

Je bent hier: Index > General discussion > Error

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