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Cuneiform error

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klim Maandag 13 April 2009 om 18:13

I used PlayOnLinux 3.4 in SuperUbuntu Interpid. I installed Cuneiform. When I try recognize any document I send a message: "Error in module <KERNEL32.dll>. How can I solve this problem?
NSLW Maandag 13 April 2009 om 20:16

Did you changed Wine version for Cuneiform under Tools->Manage Wine Versions->My applications ?
If you did so change it back to 0.9.45 or any other version which was tested and works here
klim Dinsdag 14 April 2009 om 20:42

Thanks for the help. The best results I have if work system version of the Wine. But, after some minutes of work I see the same message. Possible reason is that I trying to recognize cyrillic font?
NSLW Dinsdag 14 April 2009 om 22:00

If it doesn't crash at recognizing latin fonts then that is a bug with Wine or Cuneiform and if you will you can post bug here