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PlayOnLinux doesn't read the "winecfg" drive list

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fermulator Woensdag 6 Mei 2009 om 20:32

When one runs winecfg, you can configure your "drives" to match Windows in a sort of way.

For example,
* winecfg

Open the "Drives" tab. Z:/ is mapped to "/" ...
I like "D:" to be my "Games" drive, so I mapped it to "/mnt/games" (which is an NTFS partition shared with dual booted Windowz)

However, when you run a game installer from within PlayOnLinux, it doesn't see these drives. Nor can I figure out how to configure a separate 'list of drives' from PlayOnLinux ...

Any ideas?
NSLW Woensdag 6 Mei 2009 om 20:40

If you run winecfg all your options are saved somewhere in "~/.wine" directory. You can call this directory: wineprefix.
PlayOnLinux does create many such directories and saves changes to them. Each application installed in PlayOnLinux has got its own configuration in its own directory.

If you want PlayOnLinux to see those drives you have to configure themevery time before installation. It is easy because POL prompts you about that.

If you want to install one of application that has got script in POL then you have no possibility to choose whether you want to install application, but I made plugin which is at the end of this site for POL which is still unofficial and enables you to install to e.g "mnt/games" (if you've got permissions to this directory)

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