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can not manage wine versions pol v. 3.7

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evp55555 Vrijdag 9 October 2009 om 16:33

I can not install defrent wine environment. I get this:

thank you,
EvgenijM86 Zondag 11 October 2009 om 18:16

Same problem. Tried to install Fallout 3, and when I choose a wine version of 1.1.30 it says that it cannot find one (however, this wine version is installed on my ubuntu 9.04 - why can't it find one?). The only thing that works is selecting "patched latest version", but Fallout 3 crashes on first level load.
evp55555 Zondag 11 October 2009 om 18:31

I dont no why, but know it works. Although I can not find all the versions, only versions older then 0.9.38.
NSLW Zondag 11 October 2009 om 18:58

Please read news on the homepage.