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Battlefield 2 with Patch 1.50 Final on Wine 1.1.21-Battlefield2

Running with 1.41 was OK, but after patching to 1.50, game does not launch or launch in pesudo-windowed mode.

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HX_unbanned Zaterdag 5 December 2009 om 19:08

If i set window emulation in any size, game crashes with error. If i do not set emulation and use default Window Manager in ( Ubuntu 9,10 32bit ), then i get mispositioned and 1/4 half screen sized game running. °_°

Please check and fix this bug asap - I really want to play Battlefield again! :sad::incertain::cry:

P.S. Battlefield 2 installed on latest PlayOnLinux available. ;-)
HX_unbanned Woensdag 16 December 2009 om 13:32


C'mon guys, there must be fix for v1.50 ( Final ) Patch ...
HX_unbanned Zaterdag 19 December 2009 om 19:38

HX_unbanned Woensdag 6 Januari 2010 om 15:52

grr ... bump ?!!??!!??!!
vken27 Zaterdag 21 Augustus 2010 om 3:27

help please... I also play this game.