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Steam not visible

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frustratedfedorauser Dinsdag 11 Mei 2010 om 1:40

Steam when installed in fedora does not show up, as in it does not pop up after launched.
deuxditz Zondag 16 Mei 2010 om 21:18

I'm also having this problem on Kubuntu 64-bit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PlayOnLinux and Steam several times. The upgrading box appears, but once steam has upgraded, no more visibility of the window that has come up. (It comes up in the taskbar, but there is no visible window whatsoever.)

Any help would be appreciated!
deuxditz Zondag 16 Mei 2010 om 21:30

Ah! I fixed it! I referenced the "Steam Problems" thread (here: http://www.playonlinux.com/en/topic-3483-Steam_Problems.html). Updating the prefix (and setting Wine to Vista, perhaps) made the window appear and be totally usable!