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3d acceleration issue

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ajgajg1134 Donderdag 1 Juli 2010 om 5:53

I've tried to play some games and such on Play on linux, but they run slow and it has popped up several times that I don't have 3d Acceleration even though I have the drivers from nvidea running and have tried reinstalling them several times. I looked at the settings > system > GLXinfos, and the tab is just blank. I'm not really sure what this means and would like some help so I run stuff at a reasonable speed.


Ubuntu , Gnome
Nvidea 8200M Graphics card (latest driver installed)
Dr Phil Donderdag 1 Juli 2010 om 12:57
Dr Phil

You are probably lacking mesa-utils, to install it, open a terminal and paste this:

sudo apt-get install mesa-utils