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cclauson Dinsdag 28 Januari 2014 om 22:04

I have correctly installed SC2 on kubuntu 11.10, pretty everything goes right but the texture.

I get screens like this ones: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/835/schermata5a.png/

Any suggestion?

Quote from Maxiride

I had the same problem, I have a 64-bit laptop running Fedora 18.  The solution was to install a 32-bit texture compression library, which on my distro was as simple as:

yum install libtxc_dxtn.i686

I hope this helps.
MoonSire Zondag 16 Maart 2014 om 17:28

The installation seems to want to remount the cdrom with uid=1000. Not sure where it gets this from since I have uid 1500.