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Issue installing UT2003 on multiple CDs

Used usual means but without success

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toskdc Maandag 22 November 2010 om 12:11


First things first....

1.5ghz P4 Willamette core (overclocked to 1.71ghz)
1gb PC133
80gb HD
NVidia FX 5200 PCI graphics card
Kubuntu 10.04

I've been trying to install my UT2003. It will run the installer, but will not allow me to swap CDs. Everyone at winehq seems to have installed the DVD version and so don't have this problem. I have tried using the method in the FAQs (copy folders to home directory and assign a drive to it in configure wine) however it still doesn't seem to work. As a last resort I tried sudo umount /dev/cdrom but of course its still using a program in the first CD.

Is there a trick that will let me eject the CD and continue with installation on disc 2? Its probably an easy fix that I'm just missing :)

If any further information is needed please let me know.
toskdc Maandag 22 November 2010 om 12:14

Oh, and I'm trying playonlinux because I really really can't get the native linux port (which I don't think has been updated in years) to work.
GNU_Raziel Dinsdag 23 November 2010 om 13:35

Basically, wine can't manage multiple CD/DVD right, it's because Windows manage those drives a dirty way.

You can avoid this issue by copying all cds to your HDD (in the SAME folder).
PetrusR Donderdag 16 April 2015 om 8:36



I know this is an old post and I bumped into same issue with installing Medieval 2 - Total war, which is a 2 DVD install.  I found an easy solution to the problem which I wanted to make people aware of.

If any of you know how we can build this into the automated POL install script, so a user don't need to do this jig, then please let me know.


When prompted for 2nd DVD, simply do the following:

1. go to POL -> Configure

2) Select the prefix you are installing the game into,  In my case it was M2G

3. Select the Wine tab on the right and then click on the "Command Prompt" button

4. Type in :  eject

5.  Hit enter and change your CD/DVD

6.  Go back to your game install and confirm the next CD/DVD prompt in the game installer.

7. Repeat above steps for any additional CDs.


This procedure worked for me on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Unity GUI, POL version 4.2.2 and Wine 1.7.39.

You may get a different result on Mac or other versions POL or Linux.

Ronin DUSETTE Donderdag 16 April 2015 om 17:46

You can also get to the command prompt directly from Configure -> select Virtual Drive -> Wine tab -> Command Prompt. Another workaround for disc issues when installing stuff through Wine/POL is to copy the discs to a folder, and tell the installer to use the copied data, and not the discs. Hope this helps, too. :) 

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