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Eve Incursion Install Problems

Almost there, I hope....

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KeithL Vrijdag 8 April 2011 om 7:34

Here's where I am so far:

Running Ubuntu Maverick, NVidia 9800GT w/1GB mem. I have built and installed wine 1.3.17 and have brand new mpg123 libs.

Now for the fun part:

For those following along, use the off-line installer. It's a 3.8GB download, but you don't run into the checksum errors which plagued every single attempt I made to do it the easy way.

I managed to get the game going a bit, but after their recent upgrade, it's blown up again. Restarting the install process has the game DOA for the most part. Which brought me to PlayOnLinux. I installed the game as per directions I found on THIS site, and got it to run... somewhat. The game uses an arial font and I need to be able to switch between possible VC runtime libs - not sure if they used vcrun2005, vcrun2005sp1, or vcrun2008 (has MS released a more recent runtime lib?).

Using just wine to get the game running the 1st time, I executed 'winetricks corefonts vcrun2005sp1 vcrun2008' before getting it going. PlayOnLinux doesn't give me a very clear opportunity to get these resources loaded. There were a few other tweaks - such as setting the screen size to slightly less than my full resolution so that I could get acceptable graphics and still be able to get to other areas of my computer.

How do I get POL to pull in those resources before loading the game?

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