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ryousuke Maandag 5 November 2007 om 22:40

Here's the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) of PlayOnLinux

1 - Where are the games installed?
The games are installed in /home/yourusername/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/
There is a bottle for each game.

2 - I removed PlayOnLinux without removing my games. Is it a problem?
Not at all!
If you want to keep your games and your savegames for the next time you will install PlayOnLinux, do not touch anything.
If you are sure, and that you want to recover space on your drive, remove the file .PlayOnLinux from your personal folder.

3 - I do not have enough space in my personal folder. Can I install my games on another partition?
That is possible by using the technique of the symbolic bonds systems. I will not give more details because this solution appeared often problematic during the tests.

4 - Can I create shortcuts that launch a game directly?
Of course!
It is enough to write “playonlinux --run nameofthegame” in the name of the application to launch.
This function will surely be integrated into future versions of PlayOnLinux.

5 - Who works on this project?
Tinou, goku and Skely.
Tinou works on scripts and the website.
goku works on the website.
Skely is a moderator and he did the website design.
And Zoloom is working on the interface for v2.

6 - How can I play more games?
I'll let you visit the “Beta tests" forum.

7 - Must I have the original game to use it with PlayOnLinux?

8 - How can I help this splendid project?
Quite simply by leaving us some messages on the forum.

9 - Must I install Zenity if I have KDE?
Yes, if you download the .deb file. You can take the .tar.gz too (no need to compile) and launch PlayOnLinux without Zenity, starting form version 1.6.
Note that you can use the KDE interface with the .deb by using the option --force-qt

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edge226 Woensdag 6 Juli 2011 om 3:50

#3 is doable quite easily...

This is at least doable with steam, probably doable with other games as well. Instead of doing anything symbolic or anything of that sort what I do is just mount my windows install of that program over top of the existing steam that has no games installed. Here is how I do it.

in my case my games are on another partition seperate from windows completely. this partition is /dev/sdb1.

~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Steam/drive_c/Program Files

$ls Steam/
bin Public Steam.exe steam.ico steam_install_agreement.rtf Support.url

$sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/games
$sudo mount -B /mnt/games/Steam/ ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Steam/drive_c/Program\\ Files/Steam/

$ls Steam/
appcache skins
AppUpdateStats.blob ssfn1429892881707570446
avutil-50.dll ssfn4763682505867599670
Backups ssfn4814348001675519700
bin ssfn7374081439885531946
ClientRegistry.blob steam
config Steam_64.mst
crashhandler.dll steamapps
CSERHelper.dll steamclient64.dll
dbghelp.dll steamclient.dll
debug.log Steam.dll
dumps steamerrorreporter.exe
friends Steam.exe
GameOverlayRenderer64.dll steam.ico
GameOverlayRenderer.dll steam_install_agreement.rtf
GameOverlayRenderer.log steam.log
GameOverlayUI.exe SteamUI_1559.mst
GameOverlayUI.exe.log SteamUI.dll
GameOverlayUI.exe.log.last Support.url
GameValidation.log ThirdPartyLegalNotices.doc
Graphics tier0_s64.dll
logs tier0_s.dll
mss32_s.dll userdata
old vstdlib_s64.dll
Public vstdlib_s.dll
resource WriteMiniDump.exe

And there you go, you only changed the directory the game was in, so /dev/sdb1 was on a different partition than my /home and everything worked as I had expected.

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madara94 Donderdag 27 October 2011 om 2:24

okay so my playon won't even open.... says something about missing a program... I'm completely and utterly new to this so i have no idea where to even begin all the error message says is this:
One or more program(s) are missing.Please install them and run the script again.
Program: ar, package: binutils
deafy Woensdag 13 Maart 2013 om 4:44

I have a problem with the shortcut, too ... it worked fine for other programs, but does not for one ...
I am replying to your "4 - Can I create shortcuts that launch a game directly?"

you said above " /home/yourusername/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/ "

my search didn't find it ... I only have "/home/dad/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/"

and in that folder, there is no "wineprefix"
what's up with that?

Ronin DUSETTE Woensdag 13 Maart 2013 om 4:52

So, your /home/username/ is your main folder you look from. If you look at the .PlayOnLinux folder in your home (or ~/.PlayOnLinux), it will be there.

*NOTE*: a "." at the beginning of a folder or file name denotes that it is hidden. This is probably why you did not find it. :)

The "/home/dad/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/" is a symbolic link to the "~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/" folder.

And which program did it not work with? If it worked fine for others, it should work for this, unless there is an error in the script or something.

You should sign into the forum and post the results of running playonlinux from the command line and doing the same thing to cause the error. This will better help to correct the issue.

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Post debug logs & full computer specs in first post
No private messages for general help, use the forums
Read the wiki, Report broken scripts
Ronin DUSETTE Woensdag 13 Maart 2013 om 4:57

Locking this thread

Reason: This is not a thread for troubleshooting individual issues. Please post in the appropriate sections to troubleshoot or address any issues that you may have.


Post debug logs & full computer specs in first post
No private messages for general help, use the forums
Read the wiki, Report broken scripts