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[IMPORTANT] About cracks, no-cd, keygen, iso etc...

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ryousuke Woensdag 7 November 2007 om 13:39

Information for all (future) script writers and users that use PlayOnLinux:

- We do not and will never provide any illegal content intended to bypass protections (cracks, or no-cds, for exemple).
- We do not encourage its use.
- We do not help with its distribution/hosting.

PlayOnLinux is released from any responsibility in the event you make use of illegal software with PlayOnLinux.

A modified version by a third person, non-member of the official PlayOnLinux team, if not used under GPL License v3 is not considered as ours, we therefore release ourselves from any responsibility in the event of offense.

The users are thus responsible for their actions and the use of PlayOnLinux and other software, illegal or not according to the laws in force in their respective countries.

Any person setting up a link by not respecting the clauses above in the forum or any other support owned by the playonlinux.com site will see themselves banned in an effective way and without appeal.


I add:

I nevertheless authorize saying that playing does not go without the use of a crack. But it is the only case!

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