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ricky Woensdag 16 November 2011 om 19:09

greetings everyone!!!
i am new to playonmac. i am trying (now really hard) to play the game devil may cry 4 on my mac. here are the steps i followed
1) went to install option in pom
2) then hit install at devil may cry 4 on game section. after that i chose use setup file in my comp.
3) it did the processing and some installation then asked for setup file
4) i game address of a .bat setup file in my system
5) it started processing
5) it says unable to find binary: devilmaycry4_dx9.exe. have u installed the game in default location.
6) i press next some devilmaycry4 logo appears on pom on hitting which i get message "the program u run crashed".

2 METHOD I APPLIED (already said working hard to install)
1) extracted file .bat from windows
2) executed pom
3) hit install at game section
4) this time instead of .bat i gave address of devilmaycry4dx9.exe
5) game starts but slow, no sound
6) after exiting game and logging out from internet i am not able to execute game again. but if i use internet again hit install dvc4 give path of devilmaycry4_dx9.exe again it starts (slow no sound etc).

how can i run the game faster being offline. am i missing some files that make game run slow

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