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Subpixel font rendering

Office 2010

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kwinz Maandag 25 Juni\ 2012 om 0:49


Using playonlinux with Arch Linux, Wine 1.5.7.
I unsuccessfully tried to enable subpixel rendering for Office 2010.

What I expected

Fonts are rendered nicely, like in Windows with Clear Type or native Linux.

What happened

There is grey-antialiasing but no subpixel rendering/hinting.

What I tried so far

Install - Others - Antialiasing

And setting subpixel rendering fontsmoothing over registry

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Control Panel\\Desktop]

but it had no effect.

Any help welcome!
kwinz Zaterdag 21 Juli 2012 om 20:17

kwinz Zaterdag 21 Juli 2012 om 22:07

Tried to fix it with the help of pango on #playonlinux irc.
Then I made a bug report: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31275

Any help welcome!

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haizaar Maandag 8 Juli 2013 om 18:29

Kwinz, does it work for you at the end?

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lorenzosu Maandag 7 December 2015 om 10:19


I see this topic is rather old.... but I'm still experiencing this problem today... I have also tried following the OPs stepsa but still font rendering is suboptimal.

Below a couple of screenshots comparison between Word in Wine (POL) and in Windows XP with cleartype enabled to show the difference, maybe it can be useful.



Wine version used in the prefix: 1.7.52

POL version: 4.2.9

petch Maandag 7 December 2015 om 14:00

Do you force antialiasing in your video driver, say Nvidia's?

I've already seen Wine display being antialiased, and antialiased antialiased fonts look a bit like that...

lorenzosu Maandag 7 December 2015 om 14:06

Thanks for you answer petch.. I think I see what you mean.

The only explicit anti-alias setting I enabled is in XFCE Appearance settings, but disabling that doesn't seem to change the way Wine behaves.