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Sims3 manual installation problems

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LaposElemer Dinsdag 3 Juli 2012 om 19:24

I've tried to manually install Sims3, everything went good, I installed it, but when i try to run the ts3.exe file, sims3 crashes, and advise me to debug. When I debug, it gives me a file "playonlinux.log" What am I supposed to do? Do I have to do something with the ts3.exe file?
petch Dinsdag 3 Juli 2012 om 20:01

Why did you not use the installer from the PlayOnLinux repository?
Jessey Lawson Dinsdag 16 October 2012 om 16:53
Jessey LawsonAnonymous

Hey, I used the playonlinux one and it does the same thing only worse! It would be nice if someone actualy knew of what
booman Dinsdag 14 October 2014 om 19:38

Post the Log so we can see it.  Maybe there is an error that can help us troubleshoot it for you.

If its super long, then post it on pastebin and link it here

Are you able to run any other games in Linux?

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