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Portable Wine for a specific application

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thomes Donderdag 9 Augustus 2012 om 9:56


I reasearch and asked on many forums and I understand that it is not possible (too difficult) to make a portable version of Wine for all Linux distros.

But I am asking how can I make a portable version of Wine for a specific program to work with it. For example as on the thread here discussed:viewtopic.php?p=67081 TeamViewer has it's own official portable version which works with Wine on all Linux distros perfect. That is possible because they have make a portable Wine just for TeamViewer.

Can I make a portable like this for a specific application?

Thanks in advance.
Quentin PÂRIS Donderdag 9 Augustus 2012 om 11:10
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

In general it is possible, but you have to change things in wine sources most of the time
thomes Donderdag 9 Augustus 2012 om 12:50

How can be possible? Can you please send me a "how to" article to make portable Wine?

It will be little different to make a portable Wine. Because Wine stores the applications (which we istalled) inside the home/user directory. So when we make a portable Wine, we need also to get the Wine's home/user folder which inludes the program files.


Also It would be great if PlayOnLinux creates portable Wine (like TeamViewer did, or any other solutions) for each official supported applications. Because the developers are already installing Wine installing the application inside. So as extra the developeres will need to make Wine portable. (At least for the free applications.)

Aangepast door thomes

technocp Donderdag 10 Januari 2013 om 4:36

hi thomes

did you manage to create a portable application based on wine.

if yes can you please share on how to make it possible. Since I have come across any documentation regarding the same

thanks in advance

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