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Guild Wars 2 failure to install?

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PieDealer Zondag 12 Augustus 2012 om 22:11

Hey everyone so i bought the digital version of Guild Wars 2 today... and as i was trying to install it (right after the download) i got this message
"Guild Wars 2 has detected that your system's video card is an unsupported hardware device"
From the logs it seems as if the problem comes from the vRAM which is 384 (weird).
If anyone can help i'd be really thankful :)

However i do know that my video card is supported...
i'm on a 10.6.8 mac:
 Model Name:    MacBook Pro
  Model Identifier:    MacBookPro8,1
  Processor Name:    Intel Core i5
  Processor Speed:    2.3 GHz
  Number of Processors:    1
  Total Number of Cores:    2
  L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB
  L3 Cache:    3 MB
  Memory:    4 GB

  Chipset Model:    Intel HD Graphics 3000
  Type:    GPU
  Bus:    Built-In
  VRAM (Total):    384 MB
  Vendor:    Intel (0x8086)
  Device ID:    0x0126
  Revision ID:    0x0009
Color LCD:
  Resolution:    1280 x 800
  Pixel Depth:    32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)
  Main Display:    Yes
  Mirror:    Off
  Online:    Yes
  Built-In:    Yes

Here are the logs:
*--> Crash <--*
Assertion: s_launcher == pLauncher && s_launcherRefCount > 0
File: ..\\..\\..\\Game\\Launcher\\Windows\\Launcher.cpp(2580)
App: Gw2.exe
Pid: 64
Cmdline: -allowInstall
BaseAddr: 00400000
ProgramId: 101
Build: 15042
When: 2012-08-12T20:09:22Z 2012-08-12T16:09:22-04:00
Uptime:   0 days  0:01:03
Flags: 0

*--> System <--*
Name: Marco-Notarange
Processors: 4 [GenuineIntel:6:10:7]
OSVersion: Windows 5.1 (32 bit)

*--> System Memory <--*
Physical:  1183MB/ 2048MB  57%
Paged:     2367MB/ 3231MB  73%
Virtual:   4093MB/ 4093MB  100%
Load: 42%

*--> Process Memory <--*
Private:         4095MB
WorkingSet:         0MB
PeakWorkingSet:     0MB
PageFaults:         0

*--> Game Context <--*
MapId: 0
Flags: 0x241
ElapsedTime: 00:00:00

*--> World State <--*
<WorldState />

[DbgHelp.dll is C:\\windows\\system32\\dbghelp.dll]
[DbgHelp.dll version 5.1.2600.3264 (64/32-bit compatible)]

*--> ClientContextThreadProc Thread 0x25 <--*

*--> Trace <--*
Pc:00bb34e1 Fr:337ef4b8 Rt:00b73f9b Arg:00000001 00401e6d 055dd3f0 00000001
Pc:00b73f9b Fr:337ef4d8 Rt:00402050 Arg:337ef528 004014ec 00000001 00000000
Pc:00402050 Fr:337ef4e0 Rt:004014ec Arg:00000001 00000000 055dd3f0 004018a8
Pc:004014ec Fr:337ef528 Rt:00401af0 Arg:337ef5c4 00401c4d 3ccccccd 337ef578
Pc:00401af0 Fr:337ef544 Rt:00a7df9f Arg:055d49e8 055d45f0 00000001 00000002
Pc:00a7df9f Fr:337ef584 Rt:00a7a32b Arg:055d45f0 055d4644 055dddf0 00000004
Pc:00a7a32b Fr:337ef5ec Rt:00a7a689 Arg:05d80ca0 00000001 00002e97 7bc74725
Pc:00a7a689 Fr:337ef624 Rt:00a7a75f Arg:00000001 055dd2f0 0064467f 00000001
Pc:00a7a75f Fr:337ef644 Rt:008905cd Arg:055dd2f0 05d80cf8 00000001 01bc8708
Pc:008905cd Fr:337ef67c Rt:00890675 Arg:41033600 337ef698 7bc7470c 01bc8708
Pc:00890675 Fr:337ef688 Rt:7bc7470c Arg:01bc8708 00000001 337ef728 7bc74752
Pc:7bc7470c Fr:337ef698 Rt:7bc74752 Arg:008905f3 01bc8708 337ef6e8 7bc28151
Pc:7bc74752 Fr:337ef728 Rt:7bc746d2 Arg:008905f3 01bc8708 337ef748 00000001
Pc:7bc746d2 Fr:337ef748 Rt:7bc7b73e Arg:008905f3 01bc8708 00000000 00000000
Pc:7bc7b73e Fr:337eff88 Rt:920f2259 Arg:81f30fb8 00000000 00000000 00000000
Pc:920f2259 Fr:337effc8 Rt:920f20de Arg:41033600 0000350b 7bc7b5d0 81f30fb8
Pc:920f20de Fr:337effec Rt:00000000 Arg:00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

*--> Thread registers <--*
eax=7b819399 ebx=7b82e189 ecx=337ef0f4 edx=337ef0f4 esi=00000000 edi=00000000
eip=00bb34e1 esp=337ef4a8 ebp=337ef4b8
cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=106f gs=000f efl=00000246

eax-32 7B819378  90000829 000217e8 bfa0ff00 90000829
eax-16 7B819388  00020be8 b7a0ff00 90000829 0001ffe8
eax +0 7B819398  afa0ff00 90000829 0001f3e8 a7a0ff00
eax+16 7B8193A8  90000829 0001e7e8 9fa0ff00 90000829
eax+32 7B8193B8  0001dbe8 97a0ff00 90000829 0001cfe8
eax+48 7B8193C8  8fa0ff00 90000829 0001c3e8 87a0ff00
ebx-32 7B82E168  feb263e8 fc5d8bff 4c8dc3c9 e4830424
ebx-16 7B82E178  fc71fff0 53e58955 70ec8351 000000e8
ebx +0 7B82E188  4d895b00 a4558ba4 4589028b a4558ba8
ebx+16 7B82E198  8304428b 458901e0 b045c7ac 00000000
ebx+32 7B82E1A8  ffe9838d 4589ffff a4458bb4 00087883
ebx+48 7B82E1B8  558b4c74 0c7a83a4 8b437400 7883a445
ecx-32 337EF0D4  337ef1a0 00000000 000002c0 337ef0f4
ecx-16 337EF0E4  00000000 337ef47c 0064a276 0064a276
ecx +0 337EF0F4  80000003 00000000 00000002 337ef18c
ecx+16 337EF104  05d80ef8 055dd3f0 055ddb10 00000006
ecx+32 337EF114  80000003 00000000 00000000 7b82e218
ecx+48 337EF124  00000000 00000000 00000000 337ef0cc
edx-32 337EF0D4  337ef1a0 00000000 000002c0 337ef0f4
edx-16 337EF0E4  00000000 337ef47c 0064a276 0064a276
edx +0 337EF0F4  80000003 00000000 00000002 337ef18c
edx+16 337EF104  05d80ef8 055dd3f0 055ddb10 00000006
edx+32 337EF114  80000003 00000000 00000000 7b82e218
edx+48 337EF124  00000000 00000000 00000000 337ef0cc

*--> Code <--*
00BB34C1  f4416b01 3bc17509 833df841 6b010077 .Ak.;.u..=.Ak..w
00BB34D1  1968140a 0000ba78 b64601b9 70b74601 .h.....x.F..p.F.
00BB34E1  e82a6fa9 ffa1f441 6b01832d f8416b01 .*o....Ak..-.Ak.
00BB34F1  01751885 c0740a8b 108bc88b 026a01ff .u...t.......j..
00BB3501  d0c705f4 416b0100 000000c3 cccccc55 ....Ak.........U
00BB3511  8becf645 0801568b f1c706a4 b7460174 ...E..V......F.t

*--> Stack <--*
337EF4A8  00bb34e6 00000a14 00b74ae8 055dd3f0 .4.......J....].
337EF4B8  337ef4d8 00b73f9b 00000001 00401e6d ..~3.?......m.@.
337EF4C8  055dd3f0 00000001 00000006 055dd3f0 ..]...........].
337EF4D8  337ef4e0 00402050 337ef528 004014ec ..~3P @.(.~3..@.
337EF4E8  00000001 00000000 055dd3f0 004018a8 ..........]...@.
337EF4F8  055dddfc 055dd3f0 0000000c ffffffff ..]...].........
337EF508  337ef538 7bc28335 055d491c 337ef574 8.~35..{.I].t.~3
337EF518  337ef550 00000000 055d491c 00000000 P.~3.....I].....
337EF528  337ef544 00401af0 337ef5c4 00401c4d D.~3..@...~3M.@.
337EF538  3ccccccd 337ef578 3ccccccd 337ef584 ...<x.~3...<..~3
337EF548  00a7df9f 055d49e8 055d45f0 00000001 .....I]..E].....
337EF558  00000002 00000002 00000004 337ef580 ..............~3
337EF568  055d49e8 00000001 055d45f0 055d48e4 .I]......E]..H].
337EF578  055d4648 055d463d 00000000 337ef5ec HF].=F].......~3
337EF588  00a7a32b 055d45f0 055d4644 055dddf0 +....E].DF]...].
337EF598  00000004 337ef5c4 055d49e8 00000001 ......~3.I].....
337EF5A8  7bc74725 01cd78c6 071c091a 00000000 %G.{.x..........
337EF5B8  337ef5e0 00d929d3 00000000 00000019 ..~3.)..........
337EF5C8  337ef5e8 00000001 337ef5f0 0000000f ..~3......~3....
337EF5D8  37fccd54 7b83c0e7 337ef600 337ef5f4 T..7...{..~3..~3
337EF5E8  05d80f68 337ef624 00a7a689 05d80ca0 h...$.~3........
337EF5F8  00000001 00002e97 7bc74725 337ef620 ........%G.{ .~3
337EF608  80000003 337ef5f4 337eeb00 337ef66c ......~3..~3l.~3
337EF618  00890730 37f06d3c 00000000 337ef644 0...<m.7....D.~3
337EF628  00a7a75f 00000001 055dd2f0 0064467f _.........]..Fd.
337EF638  00000001 01bc8708 337ef638 337ef67c ........8.~3|.~3
337EF648  008905cd 055dd2f0 05d80cf8 00000001 ......].........
337EF658  01bc8708 7bc74725 337ef650 337ef650 ....%G.{P.~3P.~3
337EF668  337ef6b8 337ef6b8 00890730 37f08564 ..~3..~30...d..7
337EF678  00000000 337ef688 00890675 41033600 ......~3u....6.A
337EF688  337ef698 7bc7470c 01bc8708 00000001 ..~3.G.{........
337EF698  337ef728 7bc74752 008905f3 01bc8708 (.~3RG.{........
337EF6A8  337ef6e8 7bc28151 7bca7624 00000001 ..~3Q..{$v.{....
337EF6B8  ffffffff 7bc8d5cb 7b82f22d 0000027f .......{-..{....
337EF6C8  00196e90 00001f80 7bc74725 00000000 .n......%G.{....
337EF6D8  0155ace0 00000001 41033600 337ef728 ..U......6.A(.~3
337EF6E8  337ef6a0 7bc40023 00000216 7bc74780 ..~3#..{.....G.{
337EF6F8  337e001b 7bc40023 7bca0023 0000106f ..~3#..{#..{o...
337EF708  0000000f 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................
337EF718  00000000 00000000 7bca77a0 7bc7b5df .........w.{...{
337EF728  337ef748 7bc746d2 008905f3 01bc8708 H.~3.F.{........
337EF738  337ef748 00000001 41033600 7bc7b5df H.~3.....6.A...{
337EF748  337eff88 7bc7b73e 008905f3 01bc8708 ..~3>..{........
337EF758  00000000 00000000 337ef8ec 337efb68 ..........~3h.~3
337EF768  6440224c 63697665 77733a65 30457b3a L"@device:sw:{E0
337EF778  38353146 432d3145 2d343042 30443131 F158E1-CB04-11D0
337EF788  3444422d 30302d45 39433041 45433131 -BD4E-00A0C911CE
337EF798  5c7d3638 6975425c 692d746c 754f206e 86}\\\\Built-in Ou
337EF7A8  74757074 224c0022 656e6977 65726f63 tput".L"winecore
337EF7B8  69647561 72642e6f 7b002276 62376363 audio.drv".{cc7b
337EF7C8  31346266 3731662d 31312d35 612d3164 fb41-f175-11d1-a
337EF7D8  2d323933 30653030 66313932 39353933 392-00e0291f3959
337EF7E8  637b007d 66623763 2d363462 35373166 }.{cc7bfb46-f175
337EF7F8  6431312d 33612d31 302d3239 32306530 -11d1-a392-00e02
337EF808  33663139 7d393539 64377b00 36346630 91f3959}.{7d0f46
337EF818  342d6632 2d343630 32363834 3763622d 2f-4064-4862-bc7
337EF828  33392d66 30356533 31633835 007d6630 f-933e5058c10f}.
337EF838  302c3028 36282d29 322c3630 00293532 (0,0)-(606,225).
337EF848  7547224c 20646c69 73726157 68203220 L"Guild Wars 2 h
337EF858  64207361 63657465 20646574 74616874 as detected that
337EF868  756f7920 79732072 6d657473 76207327  your system's v
337EF878  6f656469 72616320 73692064 206e6120 ideo card is an
337EF888  75736e75 726f7070 20646574 00300022 unsupported ".0.
337EF898  65373333 38613466 616c6600 33333c74 337ef4a8.flat<33

*--> Error Logs <--*
GetLogicalProcessorInformation failed, increase buffer bytes to 1536
Shader model 3.0 is required
Launcher: InitScaleform failed

*--> DirectX Device Info <--*
VendorId    = 0x8086
DeviceId    = 0x2582
Version     = 6.14.0010.4764
Description = Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Compat      = 0x00000040
VidMem      = 256 MB

PieDealer Maandag 13 Augustus 2012 om 0:57

Edit: I found the problem.
Edit: Currently only working way of installing gw2 using the same device as me is using wineskin or custom wine builds (Crossover, PlayonMac do not seem work atm!) Use wine version 1.5.2/1 previous and latests version will give some more bugs.
PieDealer Maandag 13 Augustus 2012 om 4:27

Edit: Installation can be done.. however connecting to the server is currently impossible.. The same problem occurs once download is done and i sincerely don't know how to surpass it this time...if any admin can look this up it would be nice..

PieDealer Maandag 13 Augustus 2012 om 4:57

Edit: GuildWars2 can also be installed through playonmac (just gotta keep trying till it works).
PieDealer Maandag 13 Augustus 2012 om 15:20

Hello Again, after installing gw2 on mac i'm getting this error.

err:xrandr:xrandr12_init_modes Failed to get CRTC info.
can someone please help?
Quentin PÂRIS Dinsdag 14 Augustus 2012 om 16:32
Quentin PÂRIS

Try to run your game in a virtual desktop (Right click -> Configure wine -> Graphics)
PieDealer Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 5:03

Nothing changes.
still getting that error +err:avicap:query_video_device Video 4 Linux support not enabled

tried running a few scripts and manually changing the ram in the directory but with no success.
PieDealer Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 5:38

So actually the device Id always appears wrong... i just noticed that it didn't match with mine

*--> DirectX Device Info <--*
VendorId = 0x8086
DeviceId = 0x2582
Version = 6.14.0010.4764
Description = Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Compat = 0x00000040
VidMem = 256 MB

Chipset Model: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Type: GPU
Bus: Built-In
VRAM (Total): 384 MB
Vendor: Intel (0x8086)
Device ID: 0x0126
Revision ID: 0x0009

havn't found a sinlge script that could fix it..
Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 12:15
Quentin PÂRIS

Try to instal "VideoDriver" in package menu
PieDealer Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 13:55

Still no results.. the same message comes up. isn't there a manual way of explaining to POL/M which version of my computer i'm using?
Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 16:07
Quentin PÂRIS

VideoDriver should do it. This is not the problem
PieDealer Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 18:33

you're right.. videodriver did fix that problem.. wine seems to read it correctly.. though the problem stays.. any idea of what might cause it? so i can test a bit
PieDealer Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 19:20

I correct myself. the videoPCIDeviceID is still incorrect... it shows 0x2582 while it actually is 0x0126
Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 19:28
Quentin PÂRIS

I think that the game does not make any difference between these cards     
PieDealer Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 19:33

so the problem is def. not in the cards? oky, guess i'll look around a bit.

Video 4 linux is still not enabled btw.
Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 19:56
Quentin PÂRIS

On Mac OSX, it should not be a problem
PieDealer Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 21:00

do you know what the problem could be than?
Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 21:52
Quentin PÂRIS

Not really. Guild Wars 2 guys are always changing their client at the moment. Consequently, its support is very experimental and may vary
PieDealer Woensdag 15 Augustus 2012 om 22:08

Alrite. In any case.. tried boot camping gw2. works fine. fps around 28-29 (which is ok since there is a global fps problem anyway)
PieDealer Vrijdag 17 Augustus 2012 om 0:08

So i think this is actually the reason why it says my video card is not supported... how do can i fix this in POL?

fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation info_class SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE