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Half Life 1 doesn't download

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the_peltmaster Dinsdag 28 Augustus 2012 om 8:23

I tried to download half life 1 (on my mac) I picked the half life setup.exe as I believe to be an acceptable setup file. It says please wait while Half Life 1 is downloaded. It goes on for a while. Which is fine, it's a big file. It keeps doing that all day. A few hours ago it says it found an error and stops. But the installation screen is still up! Please Help (thank you kindly if you can support my problem (or the solution)

- Sincerely Pelt
Quentin PÂRIS Dinsdag 28 Augustus 2012 om 12:29
Quentin PÂRIS

I don't understand.

Half-Life 1 is not downloaded by PlayOnMac, it asks you for your CD-Rom