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Use GW2 Files elsewhere

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Drahcir Zondag 2 September 2012 om 15:32

Hi, first time here.
I am looking for a way to play GW2 on my Mac. Therefore i am going to try out different approaches.

Will it be possible to use the downloaded files for GW2 in other ways?
I started downloading the files (25gb) and I am afraid, that if I am not happy with the performance and I decide to switch to Bootcamp,Parallels.., I would have to download all those files again. 

Has anyone tried to extract and reuse the downloaded files for GW2?
How would I approach this.
Thanks for the help

Quentin PÂRIS Zondag 2 September 2012 om 21:39
Quentin PÂRIS

You just have to save gw2.dat from your virtual drive.