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I've installed the program...now what?

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Shauntinasha Zondag 9 September 2012 om 18:22

I'm trying to play Eden Eternal. I opened up Playonmac and I "Installed a non-listed program." After waiting the hour and a half for Eden Eternal to install (I basically followed the setup wizard just like I used to on my PC.) and everything was squared away. I restarted my computer and re-opened PlayOnMac. THere was no shortcut in the POM window, so I configured and added "AerialIgnite" "AerialLauncher" and "EdenInstaller" because I wasn't sure which one was the actual game. When I open all of them I get a POM popup that says "Error in Main AerialLauncher crashed. Click on debug to get more details." So I clicked on debug and as it's running the debugger, it says "AerialLauncher has crashed."

It basically says the same thing for even little configured piece I try to run or open. This is my first time doing this, can somebody please walk me through it better or tell me how to fix my problem?

Shauntinasha Zondag 9 September 2012 om 18:27

Somehow, I've figured it out, for those who might have this problem in the future x) The right item to configure it the Aeria Launcher one, then I had to click on the left side "Open Directory" and then "Launcher.exe" when that window opened.