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EdenEternal:Another quick problem...

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Shauntinasha Zondag 9 September 2012 om 20:53

So in my recent post about my attempt to download Eden Eternal, I had trouble finding out which file was the actual game, and then I discovered that I had to click on the AeriaLauncher, and Open the Directory and then open the file titled "Launcher.exe". However, after opening said program, the Launcher ran through it's little patch download stuff that most online games typically do when you start them. Then, when it was all finished (I ran a "Full Scan") I clicked Start Game. Simple enough. Except the game never started D: I really want to learn how to use POM because I plan on getting GW2 soon and I want to practice using POM so I can download the game easily in the future. 

Also I want to try EE.

Can somebody please help me? 
petch Zondag 9 September 2012 om 21:18

It seems you're mixing things up, the PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac goal for "supported" applications is to provide an install script, so that installation instructions are basically "Click on Install button, select game, follow instructions".

What you seem to be trying to master is the installation of a random application manually, which is a different game (pun intended). It's ok to learn those skills to find you way around, specially if you intend to play non supported games, but that should not be necessary to play GW2 or another game that has an installer.