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PlayonLinux to PlayonMac problem

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javatexan Donderdag 13 September 2012 om 19:03

I first installed a program in PlayonLinux on Mint.  I then thought, well I should really move this over to my Mac so I can use it more regularly and delete off my Mint box, its more of a testing box anyways.

So I tarballed the program directory and moved it over to the Mac PlayonMac.  I get an error saying the application crashed.
I thought maybe there was problem with tarball, so I made a Ubuntu install in a vm on the mac.  I untarred and tried it there, works fine, but the sound is a little off.  The sound runs as fast as it can....not bound by time it seems.

I would rather run this via PlayonMac than try to run it via a VM on the mac.  Are programs on PlayonLinux supposed to be able to be moved to PlayonMac?  Is there a setting or two that I am missing?

Thanks in advance
javatexan Donderdag 13 September 2012 om 19:04

The directory I tarballed was the virtual drive. Sorry, I didn't explain that very well.
petch Donderdag 13 September 2012 om 20:05

There has never been any such claim of "portability", not even between two installations of PlayOnLinux.
First, the setup files contain several absolute paths (I can think of shortcuts, for example).
Second, install scripts are free to take different actions based on the system they're running on, from extra steps for Mac vs. Linux or the reverse, to hardcoding video card type into registry...
javatexan Donderdag 13 September 2012 om 20:48

Okay, that is fine. I was just curious. Gotta admit that would really be cool too. Then some of the installations would just be a matter of installing "virtual drive images".