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Guild Wars 2 throwing an error each time

on the character screen or when loading the character into the game

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nemeru Vrijdag 14 September 2012 om 11:33

Hey, I would be grateful for any help regarding how some of the ppl here got it to work. I understand it may not be perfect, but I'd love to get it to a state when im at least able to play it.

The problem is pretty much what the title says.
Whatever engine i select (4.1, 5.11, 5.12, all GuildWars2), the game errors out on the character select screen, or when i double-click a character and it's loading it. So no way to get into the game.
(Also, im in Straits of Devastation, a lvl 70-75 zone, if that makes any difference..)

Is there anything i need to configure in the wrapper's settings? (I mean under display, or install some packages or something? The only thing i did is i added the -dx9single flag to the arguments to get rid of the black screen issue.)

Thanks guys..
nemeru Vrijdag 14 September 2012 om 11:41

So I just found out that changing the windows version from XP to 7 does a great deal:

with XP, the background on the character selection screen is nicely rendered as on PC, and the game starts in fullscreen, hiding my dock and everything. But, it crashes immediately after showing the background of the char select screen. it doesnt even load the model of my character and just throws an error and goes black.

with 7, the game loads in fullscreen windowed mode (taking all the space of the desktop up untill the dock and status bar, those stay visible and im able to reach them with my mouse), loads into the character selection screen fine and loads the model too, but the lighting is all messed up, the model being 90% dark, and the background as well. like this, the game crashes seconds after i double-click the char to load it.

just some food for thought... im gonna keep trying out different options until someone answers what to do :D
pablojavier Vrijdag 14 September 2012 om 20:45

how do you change the windows version?
petch Vrijdag 14 September 2012 om 21:28

Right-click on shortcut > Configure Wine > Applications tab > (Default settings selected, should already be) > Windows version

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