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Upgrading to PlayOnLinux 4.1.8

Remove old version 1st?

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WoodsBoy007 Woensdag 17 October 2012 om 14:11

I'm using PlayOnLinux 4.0.14. I notice there's a new version 4.1.8. Do I need to uninstall the old version before installing the new? Also, should I install from the Software Center or by clicking on the upgrade file?
petch Woensdag 17 October 2012 om 15:05

You don't need to uninstall anything.
Going the repository way is recommended, because it will keep updating PlayOnLinux as new versions get out; Also, it should prevent next system update from downgrading back to 4.0.14 ;)
WoodsBoy007 Woensdag 17 October 2012 om 23:48

I'm absolutely new to Ubuntu. Could you tell me what the repository way is? Thanks.
petch Woensdag 17 October 2012 om 23:55

Download page here, click on Ubuntu, then type the commands for your release of Ubuntu in a terminal.

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WoodsBoy007 Donderdag 18 October 2012 om 0:07

I've learned how and where to add the command (example: 'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise main').

Could you give me the command to add PlayOnLinux to the repository?
princejarethh Woensdag 28 November 2012 om 0:25

Those commands are confusing--do I type it all in at once? DO each line separately, or what?
santa_klausi Vrijdag 22 Februari 2013 om 8:42

Hi, don't know if its still of interest for anybody.

I would put each line separated (besides the second, which is split). After doing so, you should find the new POL in Software Center - or it should have been updated already.
Hope i could help.
Ronin DUSETTE Vrijdag 1 Maart 2013 om 22:37

You can also just install the .deb file from there, as well. Doesnt that also install the repository automatically? It does the dependencies too.

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