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Day of Defeat Source: mouse and text


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talkingstove Dinsdag 15 Januari 2013 om 11:13

I have gotten all the way to joining a server but once I do I cannot look around and cannot see any text except for a few letters here and there. Has anyone else had this problem?

EDIT- I'm sorry maybe I should be more clear. First of all hello everyone! I am running Ubuntu 12.04 and wine ver. 1.5.21
-msi z77a-g45
-i3 3220
-8GB RAM @1600
-GeForce GTX 650Ti

Sorry more information is needed to address the problem I don't know much

Aangepast door talkingstove

petch Dinsdag 15 Januari 2013 om 18:20


After reading
I'd suggest installing corefonts package.
Not sure what do to about mouse ("Raw input doesn't work" is not clear, what should be done to solve it)
talkingstove Zaterdag 19 Januari 2013 om 11:02

I fixed my problem by turning off raw mouse input and downloading 'corefonts' from winetricks