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Wine 1.4.1 emulating Win7

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wittyman37 Donderdag 31 Januari 2013 om 16:14

For all of my fellow composers/arrangers out there, I have successfully installed finale 2011 using PlayOnLinux manual install.  As per WineHQ, you should specify wine 1.4.1 (1.5.22 crashes when clicking and dragging) and configure wine during install to emulate Windows 7.  It works great so far even with MIDI keyboard.  They only problem is some lag.  Finale is a somewhat resource-heavy software and they is not good for wine. 

I tested this on HP 6005 Pro desktop with 4GB RAM, AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 B95 Processor × 4, GeForce 310/PCIe/SSE2 w/proprietary drivers, Ubuntu 12.04.1 64-bit.

I also use Finale 2011 on my MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM with virtually no lag. 
Ronin DUSETTE Dinsdag 2 April 2013 om 22:45

Nice! You should attempt to write a script for it. Here are some resources to help you procure a script to install Finale:

Standards for Script Publishing

Random script notes (FAQ)

Scripters documentation (Howto on writing scripts)

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